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Gasparics, Packer, and Schroeder Lead PHF All-Star Jersey Bids

Fanni Gasparics laughing during Team World Practice at Mattamy Athletic Centre ahead of the 2023 PHF All-Star Showcase. Photo by Tiffany Thompson/Black Rosie Media

Hey there hockey fans!

Time is running out to secure a piece of hockey history! Once again, MeiGray is auctioning game-worn jerseys, equipment, pucks, and more. Black Rosie Media shadowed MeiGray Director of Special Program Dave Meisel during last month's PHF All-Star Showcase in Toronto.

"We are talking about sports history here. You know, that's what I've been stressing the whole time with the NWHL and then the PHF. Preserve it, because too much of women's sports over the history of women's sports has been lost to the sands of time," Meisel told us in an exclusive interview last month.

Black Rosie Media got to witness the preparation and authentication process up close. Watch our interview with Dave and behind-the-scenes shots from Black Rosie Media contributor Tiffany Thompson on our YouTube page.

In addition to All-Star memorabilia, MeiGray has open PHF charity auctions for the Buffalo Beauts live on their website and one for the Boston Pride opening this week. The Beauts PRIDE NIGHT jerseys will benefit a local LGBTQIA+ organization.

The Pride Hockey Fights Cancer auction will be on February 23, with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. "When we get an opportunity to give some of that back,be of service to someone in a small way, we have to make sure we take care of it properly. So, for example, all messaging has to be approved by both the team and the charity involved. We don't freelance on that stuff, that's really important," Meisel said.

"It's also great that the PHF is so socially conscious and evolved with so many different causes, whether it's mental health, autism acceptance, those are two auctions that are finished, or are running right now for us. And a litany of others to come, which I can't quite talk about yet, but I'm sure people will find out in the coming months, weeks, even days."

Top Jersey Bids

  1. Fanni Gasparics, Team World (Metropolitan Riveters) - $500

  2. Madison Packer, Team USA (Metropolitan Riveters) - $400

  3. Corinne Schroeder, Team Canada (Boston Pride) - $380

  4. Eveliina Mäkinen, Team World (Metropolitan Riveters) - $360

  5. Brittney Howard, Team Canada (Toronto Six) - $355

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of women's hockey history! Place your bid NOW at

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