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Week One: Black Rosie Media

Updated: May 13, 2022

One week ago, Black Rosie Media officially launched! Hopefully, you've spent time on the website getting to know our advisors and checking out the job listings and funding resources. We'll continue to grow the website in due time.

Black Rosie Media empowers Black women and melanated creators in sports media. We've heard from aspiring broadcasters looking for opportunities and professional teams searching for Black women broadcasters in our first week. Let's look at some of the things that happened in our first week.

IG LIVE with Ari Chambers, HighlightHER

Founder Erica L. Ayala joined Ari Chambers of HighlightHER sports on Instagram Live last week to talk about the Black Rosie Media launch and creating space for Black women and melanated creators in sports media.

Erica also talked about her trip to Beijing, China, for the 2022 Winter Olympics and her Top Five athletes. On her list were Mikyla Grant-Mentis and Sylvia Fowles. Grant-Mentis recently became the highest-paid player in women's hockey history by signing a one-year/$80,000 contract with the Buffalo Beauts. Fowles recently tallied her 6,000 career points and will retire after the 2022 WNBA season.

Builder + Backers Capstone Event

May 5 marked the official end of the 2022 Winter Cohort of the Builders + Backers Idea Accelerator program. Founder Erica L. Ayala was among the Tulsa entrepreneurs recognized Thursday evening.

Black Rosie Media received $5,000 in non-dilutive funds to run an experiment to test our hypothesis that if a platform existed for Black women and melanated creators, then we would be successful in highlighting women in the industry and recruiting more.

The first part of our experiment was launching the website and announcing our advisors. More advisors will be announced soon! Phase II of the Black Rosie Media experiment kicks off on June 1. We'll be focused on the impact of Title IX on Black women in sports. The third and final experiment will be the Black Rosie Festival happening November 2-4. More on that in the next section.

The next cohort of the Builders + Backers program will open later this week! Check back on Black Rosie Media for updates on this and other programs.

Black Rosie Media on Al Jazeera - The Other Side of Sport?

Yesterday, founder Erica L. Ayala was featured on Al Jazeera English, discussing the biggest problems facing sports today. Erica talked about sports media, the pressing need for diverse voices, and ongoing training for sports journalists.

The excellent Shireen Ahmed was co-hosting the conversation. After Erica's interview ran, Shireen reflected on her role in making sports media better as a professor.

"I'm not only encouraging to go be broadcasters and presenters. I would like in decision-making rooms. I would like them as editors, and I would definitely like them as producers because the quality of the conversation that happens when you have racialized women as producers of a sports show is extremely different than if you don't." - Shireen Ahmed

Check out the full show linked on the Black Rosie Media YouTube Page.

Title IX @ 50 - Sports Equity for Black Girls & Women

Beginning next month, Black Rosie Media will be discussing Title IX ahead of the 50th anniversary of the historic legislation. Former Congresswoman Patsy Takemoto Mink spearheaded the push for Title IX. We will talk about her legacy, how Title IX became synonymous with sports, and how and why research shows the historic legislation has negatively impacted Black girls and women over time.

In the meantime, listen to the fantastic Dr. Amria Rose Davis recap Title IX for ESPN. This clip originally aired during the 2022 NCAA Women's Final Four basketball tournament.

Amplifying Emerging Talent November 2-4


The final phase of our Black Rosie Experiment will be a 2.5-day virtual festival where we'll showcase emerging Black women and melanated creators in sports media. Soon, you'll get to meet the creators we've tapped for the inaugural Black Rosie Festival.

We will open up ticket sales in the coming months and introduce you to our keynote speakers and sponsors. We are excited for what's to come for Black Rosie Media.

Contact Us

Are you a Black woman or melanated creator looking for a place to showcase your work? Are you or your company hiring for positions in sports media? Looking for a place where you can find work and resources for Black women and melanated people in sports?

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