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WoHo AMA LIVE STREAM July 3 on YouTube

Women's Hockey Finally Getting #OneLeague. How'd We Get Here?

It's been quite the holiday weekend for women's hockey fans.

Late Thursday night, Jeff Marek and other national reporters began to share the news that the owner of a forthcoming women's hockey league, the Mark Walter Group, bought the Premier Hockey Federation. Since last May, the Walter Group has been working with the PWHPA on a collective bargaining agreement for a new women's hockey league.

In my latest story for Forbes, I spoke to Reagan Carey, Jayna Hefford, Madison Packer, and John Boynton about the PHF buyout and the PWHPA collective bargaining agreement.

While both the PWHPA and the PHF have released statements, we still have a lot of unknowns. Just before the news officially broke, I spoke to Rachel Donner of Locked on NHL about:

  • What We Know?

  • What's Been Reported?

  • And what needs to be answered or addressed before the proposed January 2024 launch

You can watch or listen to the Women's Hockey Spotlight special on my Locked on Kraken show, as well as the Locked on NHL YouTube channel or wherever you get podcasts.

Although we don't have all the facts yet, it's clear this is a hard time for the women's hockey community. There is much reporting, yet much is unclear and unknown, especially for the athletes involved.

Therefore, I will host a live stream to discuss what I know and the remaining questions. Founding 4 Podcast co-host Angelica Rodriguez and hopefully a few others will join me.

This stream will be free, though we encourage donations or Patreon memberships to help fund our work here at Black Rosie Media.

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  • Noora Räty on where WoHo needs to go

  • Leah Lum on representing Team China at Beijing Olympics

  • Madison Packer on learning to play defense

  • Venla Hovi on her coaching philosophy

  • Kati Tabin on her dual Isobel Cup celebration

  • Audio from Geraldine Heaney & Mark Joslin

Supporters can also make donations to Black Rosie Media via PayPal or Venmo. We appreciate all your support!

Although women's hockey will look differently, we know we will be here to amplify players' stories, create a community for fans, and empower Black women and melanated creators in women's hockey.

Stay Tuned!

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