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Candace Cooper


Candace Cooper is a Sports Media Professional who currently works as a Lead Producer at Under Armour while hosting Locked On ACC podcast. Her most recent stint in radio was with SB Nation down in Houston, Texas. There, Cooper hosted a weekly show, “Above it All”. Before moving to Texas, Cooper hosted/produced the weekly podcast, “Out of My League” in Raleigh, NC with its ESPN affiliate. Her media career began in Raleigh, NC as a part-time radio personality for Buzz Sports Radio show “The Sports Shop”. Cooper currently resides in Raleigh, NC and in her spare time enjoys watching sports, spending time with family and raising her pit, Bruneaux.

Listen to Candace on the Black History Always podcast talking about being a pioneer on the UNC - Chapel Hill swim team and how she's working to make the sport more diverse.

Candace Cooper
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