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PHF Expands to Montreal. Should WoHo Have an In-Person Draft?

Angelica Rodriguez and Erica L. Ayala are back with another episode of the Founding 4 Podcast, the flagship podcast of Black Rosie Media. Angelica and Erica are two Latinas with spicy hot takes.

On this episode, learn more about the Premier Hockey Federation expansion to Montreal. Where will the team play? Who is involved? What was said on the league press call about expansion?

Also, if fans want to watch the presser, you can find the full video on the Black Rosie Media (SM) YouTube page.

Finally, Angelica and Erica get into a conversation about sports and politics. Out take, sports – and everything else – is political!

So, we hope you enjoy the latest episode! We'll have more spicy hockey takes coming your way next week!


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